Beret Roots



Beret was born in Kensington, California, but grew up in Moers, Germany. She also has roots in the UK and Denmark. She is a bilingual multinational and studied psychology in Düsseldorf.Since her early teens she has been writing pop songs and dreamt of winning the Eurovision Song Contest for Germany.To make this a reality she has worked with reputable producers (Stuart Epps, who has worked for Robbie Williams and Elton John, and Curt Ryle, who has won many Country Music awards and worked for Billy Ray Cyrus and Taylor Swift) and with star vocal coach Amber Morris.While Beret still strongly identifies with Europe and Germany, she lives in San Francisco. In her "day job" she works for a social media company in Silicon Valley, while pursuing her true calling: songwriting!

Recording samples for media & music industry professionals upon request (contact options below)

  • Kissed (produced by Curt Ryle)

  • Place to Rest (produced by Stuart Epps)

  • Too good for you (produced by Curt Ryle)

  • Perfect (in my mind) (produced by Michael Heihsel)

  • Believe (co-written by Betty Morrell & Vicki Smith, produced by Curt Ryle)

  • Missing you (co-written by Allison Penn & Chuma Nwobosi, produced by Chuma Nwobosi)

  • Troublemaker (co-written & produced by Sharvil Gupta)

  • Struggle

  • On the low

  • Hard to forget (incl. an adaption of lyrics from Taylor Swift's "Dancing With Our Hands Tied")

  • Superglue

  • What if (co-written & produced by Sharvil Gupta)

  • Memories

  • Friction

  • Tell me Tell me

  • Empty Afternoon

  • But it was good

  • Twenty-Something Lovers

  • Undefeated (co-written by Allison Penn, Daniela Galasso & Keji Mathis)

  • Running

  • Come around

  • End

  • Never (co-written by Benjamin Burton, Bernard Capper & Tracy Durrand)

  • Hey hey pretty boy

  • Boxing Day

Impressum: Beret Roots, 959 14th Street, 94114 San Francisco, CA, USA